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Psychological Assessment

CTAS providers are recognized doctorate-level experts in performing psychological evaluations. We are highly committed to identifying key issues and developing effective treatment plans that enable our clients to overcome barriers in their lives. We pride our ourselves on providing quality and timely psychological assessments of adults struggling with a wide range of symptoms. Our licensed clinical psychologists and supervised post-doctoral interns work with you to comprehensively gain insight into your concerns, provide diagnostic expertise, and specific treatment recommendations to get you back on the right path.

How Does an Assessment Help?

Several types of psychological evaluations and assessments exist. Assessments help to clarify diagnoses and inform treatment options, we do not just look at what is NOT going well, we also assess for strengths and how you can facilitate personal strengths toward reaching your goals. Our clinicians are highly trained to formally evaluate adults among the following areas (the list is not exhaustive):


Anxiety Disorders

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Causes of Emotional/Behavioral Functioning

Coping Style(s) that Impact Functioning

Cognitive Functioning (intellectual strengths and areas of difficulty)

Learning Disabilities

Mood Disorders

Personality Functioning (detailed understanding of the way you think, emote, interpersonal approach, self-perception, major defenses, etc.)

Pre-Bariatric Surgery Psychosocial Assessment


Call or email us today to discuss how testing may benefit you. 

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